Top Benefits of Joy Kids Classes!

1. Applause - Our Red Carpet Premiere at the historical River Oaks Theater gives children the applause they need and so desire from their friends and family. When children receive applause for a job well done, and feel supported by their community, that gives them the confidence they need to pursue their own dreams and goals. The performance is often what drives the students to work hard in class, and go beyond what they currently think possible, to create a Joy Kids movie that exceeds their own expectations.

2. Builds Confidence - public speaking is said to be one of the biggest fears people have. In an acting class children have the freedom to try new things and to speak publicly in front of their peers, in a group of like minded students and a supportive environment. This allows the students to learn their strengths and weaknesses and to grow. Whether they go on to follow a path in the entertainment business, or find they need to make a presentation in school or later in life, the skills they learn at the Joy Kids Studio will come in handy.

3.  Group Dynamics & Teamwork - students have to figure out how to work together and collaborate to make movies. They must listen to others, share ideas, and learn to work together. This is a crucial skill they will need to succeed in a work environment, and is something that our Joy Kids students must learn to do well in classes.

4.  Self-Expression - when children are given an environment where they can be silly and they can play different characters and express all different kinds of emotions, they start to become more expressive. Sometimes a child is very expressive at home but becomes shy or withdrawn when around others. At Joy Kids, we strive to create an environment where kids feel safe and can express themselves fully in front of an audience.

5.  Creativity -  making movies requires a high level of creativity for the students to write, direct, film and act. They are developing characters, scenes, costumes, green screen backdrops, and seeing all of their creativity culminate into their Joy Kids Movie.

6. Imagination - children are naturally imaginative and when you give them a creative environment to express their thoughts and ideas, they gain confidence in what all they can think up. With out imagination we wouldn't have great filmmakers, inventors, leaders. When a child learns that their ideas are important and can impact what is around them, they naturally continue to create. At Joy Kids, they see their ideas come to life on the big screen at the movie theater and this validates their own imagination and the power it has to create.


      Students at the Joy Kids Red Carpet Premiere at the historical River Oaks Theater