Lauren Worsham, Actress, currently nominated for her performance on Broadway for a Tony Award for 2014

Glen Powell, Actor in roles on Major Motion Pictures 

What Joy Kids and Parents are saying...                     

Lauren Worsham is nominated for a 2014 Tony Award for her performance in the Broadway Show, A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder.
"Joy Saxton possesses an uncommon ability to bring together and empower youth. As a young performer, Joy encouraged me to create, organize and then spread a positive message to my peers through programs like A Little Laughter and Kids Rock. This sort of gentle guidance gave me a strong sense of independence and the confidence to strike out on my own. Joy is really an invaluable youth organizer and educator!" 
- Lauren Worsham, Broadway Actress, co-founder of NY downtown opera company, The Coterie.

Glen Powell has a leading role in the Expendables 3 coming to theaters soon. He is starring alongside Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Harrison Ford. 

"Joy Saxton has always had a special connection with youth. She has always been sensitive to their struggles, their passions, and how to motivate them. Working with Joy on the television show JOY Agents, I felt free to mess up, ask questions, and beyond anything else, take part in the collaboration. Not a typical quality in the adult to kid relationship. Because she showers her youth with love and trust; this is exactly what fuels us youth to go above and beyond the call of duty. "  
- Glen Powell, Actor, The Dark Knight Rises, CSI Miami, With out a Trace TV Series,The Lying Game (Gavin Turner), Spy Kids, With out a Trace, The Great Debators
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"We are so thankful to have met Joy Saxton and we are grateful for the relationship she has built with our daughter.  Joy saw potential in Emma, and from their very first meeting, encouraged Emma to dream big!  Thank you JoyKids for helping to build Emma's confidence on camera! She is now able to interact with other actors, perform monologues and dialogues naturally on camera.  The Red Carpet Premiere that Joy organized was such an exciting event for our little one.  She loved dressing up and was so proud of the work her team had done--both behind and in front of the camera!
Emma is 5 years old and recently participated in Agent Review with the Page Parkes Corporation. She received callbacks from several agencies, including Osbrink, BMG Talent, and Evolution.  We are excited about the future and look forward to our daughter continuing to develop her acting skills with the fabulous Ms. Joy!  Thank you, Joy, for encouraging and supporting our little one!"
- Jeff and Catherine, Joy Kids Parents

"For years our daughter went from one activity to the next in search of her calling passion. When she asked about giving acting a try we were lucky to find Joy Kids Studio located in the beautiful West University area of Houston. For the past 3 years our daughter, now 11 has participated in a variety of acting classes, movie making camps, and private coaching sessions. Not only do Joy's students learn and have fun creating on camera, they also write, direct and film their movies. In the process, they gain life skills that will benefit them in whatever their future careers may be. Confidence is fostered and speaking and presentation skills enhanced. Joy Kids Studio offers classes for any skill level. She supports her students and guides the more serious actor in developing auditioning skills, securing headshots and agents.
Molly discovered her true calling and passion. With the skills and experience she gained with Joy, Molly successfully secured an agent."
Chris Pepe, Parent

"Joy Saxton is an exceptionally professional actress/producer/instructor for our school. She is organized, creative and extremely attentive to each students individual strengths. I have had the pleasure of working with her for a while and I have never been disappointed in her performance or finished product."  
- Donna Hannah, Programs Director, Page Parkes Center of Modeling and Acting

"Joy Kids was such a wonderful learning experience for Sebastian. He went into the first 8 week session with a semi-interest in acting and ended up learning how to act out scenes in front of the camera, work behind the camera and even write scripts. By the end of the second 8-week session....I was utterly amazed (and proud) at how far Sebastian had come as an actor.  His confidence on camera and at the Red Carpet Event seemed to have sky rocketed!  He is now eagerly preparing to audition for a few agents next month.  I am thrilled at the interest he has taken in acting, Joy. He LOVED being guided, supported and taught by you and becoming friends with all of the other lovely students you have. Thank you for offering such a fabulous program for these kids.  You're the best!"  
Sebastian just booked a principal role on a National Chuck E. Cheese commercial
- Renee Somoza, Joy Kids Parent

"I had been looking for some type of activity to get my oldest daughter, Hailee, involved in. She is a very brilliant, funny, loving and caring young lady. The problem was that only her close family members and friends knew this. One of her other characteristics is that she is very shy. She becomes very quiet and to herself around people she doesn't know. Joy, you, and Joy Kids have totally brought something out in her. She has become more open and willing to be herself for the world. This coming session will be her 3rd time. She is totally excited and so am I. Keep up the great work, Joy! You really are changing children's lives and putting a spark in them that will last a lifetime. I am so glad to know you as well. You really bring a sense of hope that the world still has some very awesome people in it."
- DeAnna Sanchez, Joy Kids Parent

"Through the JOY International program and Joy Saxton, I have begun to realize the real meaning of virtue and the power with in each of us to accomplish great things no matter how small our contribution may be at the time."  
- Mitrah Avini, 15 years old

"The lovely Mrs. Saxton is one of the sweetest loving human beings I've met in my lifetime and the fact that it was her who opened up this new world to me makes me feel very lucky. Joy is one hundred percent there for her students and will never let any of them down. I don't think there is one person out there who could of done the job better than Joy. Its not a work for her but a passion and you can see it through her work. I worked with Joy over 7 years ago and to this very day we talk. She's not someone who is just there to teach but she is a life long friend who is going to I know help me and be there to walk through my life journey."
- Danielle Daneshjou, 15 years old

"Joy, who is the most aptly named person I've ever known, has something else, too. Besides being talented, smart and hard-working, she has heart. She genuinely cares about other people and, I believe, will use her talents to make this world a better place."
- Dede Clark, Artistic Director of The Real Children's Theatre & Executive Director of Kids Acting