JOY KIDS STUDIO works with Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts in getting their Movie Making Badge. We work with all age troops.

Please call 713-458-8553 or email us to check our calendar and schedule your workshop.

Cost is $150 total (that price is for the total number of children attending) for a two hour movie-making workshop.

We recommend 5 to 15 Max attend.

Have you ever wanted to create your own newscast, star in your own show, learn how to use a green screen and special effects to make your own movies?  In this workshop, you will create a short skit, learn how a green screen works, and discover how the movie/television industry uses this and other similar technologies to create movies.

You could be the next major motion picture director, news reporter, film actress, screenwriter… Dream big and learn some basic skills in this educational, fun and exciting class!