Lights... Camera... Birthday!


We offer Birthday Parties at the Joy Kids Studio for boys and girls!

Kids dress up in costume and star in their own Music Video to a song they choose! We shoot on our green screen wall and the video is professionally edited with a lot of special effects.
You get to decided what backgrounds you want.

Whether you want to be on the moon, in a limousine or helicopter, on the Red Carpet or maybe a Super Hero and a fight scene, riding on spacecrafts... The possibilities are limitless!

It is an exciting filled two hours that they will remember forever! And they will be able to cherish their memories on DVD forever.

Every child gets a DVD of the music video!
It takes approximately 10 to 14 days to edit and get DVDs.

Call our studio to schedule 713-458-8553.

Total Cost for Birthday Party & professionally Edited Video:  $625

Candy, decorations, plates, napkins, etc. and bottled water included in cost.
(You can bring cake / cup cakes).

Please call to check our calendar for your desired date. 
If you would like to visit our studio and check it out, please call and make appointment.

Party Recommendations:
* Recommend 4 to 13 kids max.
* Recommend parents of kids coming drop off.  We do have a little area they can wait if they prefer to stay. 
* Birthday child parents and family are welcome to stay and be a part of the celebration!
* Recommend for ages 6 and up
* Let us know ideas for your music video and what song!
* A Consultation is included in price, if you and your child want to come to discuss your party and the music video.

No refunds on parties once booked.

Go to Register Page Link to pay or call.  Please call to check our calendar for desired date.