We offer movie-making classes, private acting classes, music video birthday parties, summer camps and Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts film workshops to earn movie-making badges.

Kids are making movies at the Joy Kids Studio!  Three times a year we roll out the Red Carpet at the River Oaks Movie Theater and premiere the students films on the big screen.

We provide an exciting, fun, imaginative, and safe environment for young people to express themselves.  They write, direct, film and star in movies they make. In today's world, making movies is becoming not just something done in Hollywood but a life skill. 

Classes help to build confidence, creativity, presentation and speaking skillsStudents develop storytelling skills and learn to turn their ideas into short films, commercials, and skits. 

Our studio is fully equipped with green screen, high quality equipment and costumes for students to use.

Whether your child wants to become a movie star, a filmmaker, or learn new skills this is the class for you!

At the Joy Kids Studio we strive to provide the most joyful, fun and creative experience for every child!

"You shouldn’t dream your film, you should make it! If no one hires you, use the camera on your phone and post everything on YouTube. A young person has more opportunities to direct now than in my day. I’d have liked to begin making movies today."   

- Steven Spielberg